Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Distributor's name Infiknot Jewelry
Email address for sending advertising email
Selling price Please see the purchase price on the product information page
Exhibition Service URL
Fees other than the selling price Shipping (see the shopping guide page)
expenses such as a communication line
Product delivery time After the payment is completed, please see the delivery days on the product information page for details
Payment method When and how SHOPIFY payments, such as credit cards, are determined
Payment time Before product purchase
Returns, cancellations, etc. Subject to Infiknot Jewelry Terms and Conditions Article 7.
For more information, see the Infiknot Jewelry Terms of Service or contact your distributor.


  • The name, address, and telephone number of the seller's representative will be sent without delay if you request it at the time of the transaction. Please contact us through the Infiknot Jewelry inquiry form.